Select a country and the possible product that your company might be interested in importing or exporting and writing a memo for your company’s CEO and COO, giving them the information requested below. The country you select should be different from your country. Note that you will be doing business with the United States. Provide images and graphs when possible. 

Examples of products and countries might be importing toy cars into the United States from China or exporting medical equipment from the United States to Belgium. 

Include the following information in your memo

Country overview

Location: surrounding countries and bodies of water (include a map)

Type of currency used (include a picture)

What is this country most known for importing/exporting?

Total population: broken down by age groups if possible

Type of government, economic system, and legal systems used

Type of ethnicities and religions that are represented

Why are you considering this country as a possible option to import/export your product?

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