For this Discussion, review this week’s media piece, “Case Study: Knife Fight Video.” Review the premise of the case and consider how you, as the principal in the scenario, would address the situation.

Go to the Grand City Community:

And click on Grand City Public High School, Review the Scenario: Knife Fight Video

Case Study: Civil and Criminal Liability

As principal of the high school, you have been enjoying a fairly peaceful year. The new conflict resolution and peer counseling program has been in effect and doing well. Teachers have reported that discipline incidents are down and family involvement in all aspects of school life is higher than ever. However, you have just been notified that two of your students were involved in a physical fight.

One student had a knife, which you discovered while you were talking to the two students involved in the altercation. To complicate matters further, a third student used his cell phone to record a video of the fight and then posted it to a social media site, thus making the fight publicly accessible. Meanwhile, each set of parents is insisting on knowing the punishment for not only their child, but for all the parties involved.

Post the steps you will take in this situation. Using the policies and laws in your educational setting to inform your response, explain how your response aligns with these laws or policies. Explain what information you need to gather from all parties involved before making your recommendations. Explain how you would respond to the superintendent, parents, media, and law enforcement.

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