This week you are engaged in a case study in the Grand City School District regarding gifted education. You are to assume the role of the superintendent to educate the principal as to why the new gifted program at Grand City is a positive move for the school and the gifted students.

To prepare for your Discussion, research your state laws and policies surrounding gifted education as well as the policies and procedures in your educational setting. Also, research the laws in at least one state that is not your own to determine best practices for gifted education programs to help support the decision to move the gifted students in the case. Use the Davidson Institute for Talent Development link in the Learning Resources to begin your search.


Case Study: Grand City Gifted Program

A new gifted program has been established in the Grand City School District. The Director of Gifted Instruction is identifying students who meet the criteria for the program and those students would then be educated in a specific building. The principals throughout the district have ensured compliance of the gifted testing requirements and are preparing for the student transfers. One principal, Dr. Carter, appears to be sabotaging the situation. He does not want his gifted students to leave his building and report that he does not have gifted students. His overall motivation for this sabotage is that he fears his building’s overall test scores will decline. The Director of Gifted Instruction elicits the support of the superintendent.

Post how you would educate the principal as to why the gifted program is a positive move for the school and the students. Support your response citing state law, your district policies and procedures, and best practices in gifted education. Describe at least two potential challenges (e.g., transportation, teacher shortages, and building test scores) and explain how you would manage these as the superintendent.

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