career as a Head Start teacher Edu1 Week 1 Discussion 2 Response J P help

After viewing your classmates’ Wordles, write a minimum 150-word response to at least two of them.  Comment on the similarities and differences between your list and theirs.  State whether your classmates have identified key characteristics of their professional career.  Does their rationale merit the inclusion of the characteristics on the list?  Discuss what characteristics you would change on your list based on their list of words.  If possible, respond to at least one classmate with a different major than your own.

The words I chose for my chosen career as a Head Start teacher are loving, compassionate, learner, student, capable, understanding, fun, energetic, caring, and patient. I feel all of these words describe not only myself and my coworkers at Head Start, but any other early childhood educator who is a success in the profession.

An early childhood educator must first be loving, compassionate, and caring. I think that all of these go together. If you are a person who finds it hard to love or feel compassion for another person, then this is not the career for you. The little people that we care for do not understand if there is something going on in your life, so we must always look at everything from the eyes of a child and never judge. We must also be fun, and energetic. I think these are pretty self-explanatory. A child between the ages of three and eight can seem to go ninety miles per hour. We must always keep them engaged, or they will find some way to engage themselves, and not always in a good way. Children are also bundles of energy, so we as educators must have- or at least fake- their level of energy to survive. This is also where patience can come into play. We must remember that these are children, not small adults. They show emotions differently and do not understand things like we do. We must always be patient to be a successful teacher. Finally, I feel that to be a success as an educator at any level you must never stop being a student yourself. Always attempt to learn something new and better yourself. This will make you more than capable.

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