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 I recently change my degree major to business management because I feel like I’ve been in more positions where I can be a leader and develop my own potential while also building a brand and helping others. My ultimate goal is to open up my own children’s interior design shop I am obsessed with children’s fashion and decorating I think every couple of months I change my children’s room around and do crazy things that seem hard to do.  Pinterest is my BFF and I have so many boards I know one day I will be making my own designs and drafts and hopefully get to see my name in lights. Business management to me is not just owning your own business it’s also knowing how to conduct yourself in   A professional manner. 


I recently switched my degree from criminal justice to business management. I believe my heart is in the business field. I am in charge of the hiring at my job and I love playing HR. This degree will help me tremendously when it is time to own my business. Pursuing a business degree gives me the opportunity to work with others and learn the trade. My college education is very important to me. For one, I would like to maintain being a great role model to my children.  How am I to preach to them about attending school and I am not. I believe that having a college degree opens up more doors with jobs that pay a better salary. 

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