I need help with a small research paper in “Business Education” topic/area.

To complete this paper need to search about from education “PreQuest”, and ERIC:


  Team building;

  Global teams;

  Taking & giving directions;

  Distance managing/supervising (marshmallow experiment as example)

  And most importantly marshmallow experiment (describe and make instructions to supervise experiment, demonstrate a link to education) must want this video to have an idea

All above needs to be related to “Business Education” topic or a related area.

Information for Author:

Format of Presentations:

Workshop presenters will be given the full 90-minute session.

Research Papers – Completed research papers in “Business Education” topic/area

Abstracts – Abstracts of completed or proposed research in “Business Education” topic/area. The abstract for proposed research should include the research objectives, proposed methodology, and a discussion of expected outcomes.

Student Papers – Research done by students in “Business Education” topic/area, or related area

Case Studies – Case studies in “Business Education” topic/area, or related area.

Work-in-Progress Reports or Proposals for Future Research – Incomplete research or ideas for future research to generate discussion and feedback in “Business Education” topic/area, or related areas.

Reports on Issues Related to Teaching – Reports related to innovative instruction techniques or research related to teaching in “Business Education” topic/area or related areas.

The format of Presentations: Workshop presentations will be given a full 90-minute session.

Finally: please check this link and see how is format of works done before so you have as an example:

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