building a rhyme writing homework help

Recall that repetition is the use of a language element more than once. A common example is a “wish” poem:I wish for your love I wish for your touch I wish for the day When I can make you stay.Write short stanza that uses repetition to make a point or reinforce an idea. Then explain in a short paragraph the purpose of the repetition.

We use similes all the time. Now, think about objects that are unlike but can still make useful comparisons:She is like a vine, always reaching, never satisfied never still, never content. In a short paragraph, explain your comparison – what the comparison is and how the two objects relate to it. Avoid cliches or overused comparisons, e.g. “light as a feather, thick as a brick.” Be creative.!!!

Personification enhances mood by explaining the type of connection that exists with an inanimate object. The sun cannot really smile at me, but the heat from the sun may give me the same warm sensation that the smile of the face of my friend gives. When I say “the sun smiles on me,” I explain the connection I feel. Someone else, however, may not care for the sun and say that “the sun glares at me, staring unceasingly.” The sun is still looking, but the effect is much different. Write a line using personification and then explain the connection.

Metaphors can be tricky, because many people want to insert the “like” or “as.” Metaphors simply name. One of the most famous metaphors is:”It is the East, and Juliet is the sun.”Write a metaphor. Again, avoid the cliche or canned – the ones you hear all the time. Be original. Then, explain your choices and the message conveyed through the comparison.

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