brief essay about gallery visit of Klara Klarin Exhibit art design homework help


There is a 300-word minimum for this assignment.Visit the CSUN Gallery to view the current exhibit of work by artist Karla Klarin. Write a brief essay with correct grammar and spelling. Describe the exhibition in detail. Write an overview and response to your visit. Did you enjoy the exhibit? Why or why not?  Select one artwork to focus on and write about in detail. Don’t forget to provide the title, medium, date and approximate size of the artwork. You may want to refer to Ch. 14 in our text as there you will find examples of artworks that deal with the landscape. You may wish to make a comparison to an artwork in the text as part of your post.

From me.

The exhibit was vary pleasant and relaxing. It was shown in two rooms. Most of the art was 3D . Visit KARLAKLARIN.COM 

and check out pictures from early 1980-2000. Most of the pictures were from this collection. As for choosing one art subject and discussing it I really liked  LEIGH AND HER MOM,54″ BY 66″ O/C and LOFT ON MILL ,1980, 48″ BY 72.5″ acrylic on 3D.  On the LOFt ON MILL were very nice details. What else I noticed was that on most pieces the artist signed on left corner instead of right and on 3D art the signature was either missing or on the side. Mansion that I enjoyed the visit , never heard of her before , but really liked it and will follow her art . Write from first face like I liked or enjoyed …..

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