Breafly define the terms racism and prejudice sociology homework help

     a)  6-8 pages typed, double-spaced, standard 12 pt. Times New Roman font.

           b)  references from your text and the movie “Crash”.  

           c)  modified in-text citations APA style that includes the page #.  If you use other resources other    than your text you must indicate the author’s last name and the date of publication and include a reference page.

          d)  answers to each question in complete and grammatically correct sentences.

          e)  headings which are centered which helps the reader to follow the organization. For example: Frustration-Aggression Hypothesis. A heading for the introduction or conclusion are not required. 

          f)  a reference page is not required if your text (only) is used as a reference an abstract page is not required.

          g)  a cover page.


You will be required to:

          a)  Includean introduction:  Breafly define the terms racism and prejudice.  Explain the

conceptSocial-Psychological perspectives.  (1-2 paragraphs 5-8 sentences)

          b)  Define frustration-aggression hypothesis, according to Diana Kendall

(your text)?  State how can the frustration-aggression hypothesis be used to explain

the racism and discrimination in Crash? Describe specific scenes and include specific

  quotes from Kendall as support.  (2-3 paragraphs 5-8 sentences)

          c)  Define authoritarian personality, according to Diana Kendall (your text)? Identify at least one character in Crash who has an authoritarian personality. Describe specific scenes where the authoritarian personality is displayed in the film and include specific quotes from Kendall as support. (2-3 paragraphs 5-8 sentences)

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