In this essay, you will be identifying and defining a term that is familiar to you and your social class. YOU ARE NOT WRITING ABOUT YOUR OWN EXPERIENCES. Instead, you are defining the term for someone who might not be familiar with it. I want to do mine on “the border” that divide Mexico from the United States, the importance it is once crossed, and how life is for the people that are in search for a better life. The name I have given that essay is “The Border of Dreams,” and it has to be at least 750+ words.

Important notes — failure to adhere to these guidelines will result in large point deductions:

Do NOT use first-person (I, me, my, our, we, us) or second-person (you, your) in this essay.

Wikipedia, dictionaries, social media, and other online encyclopedias are not acceptable sources for this assignment. Look for articles from online news sources or quotes from books for your second source.

*******Rough Draft is due tomorrow 6/8/2016, and it should be at least 350+ words long. The actual complete paper is due by Friday 6/10/2016*******

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