Using Excel, complete the following problems in your textbook:

  1. Bond Valuation: Problem 3 on page 229, and Problems 26 and 28 on page 231
  2. Interest Rate Risk: Problems 8, 10, and 12 on page 229, and Problem 17 on page 230
  3. Yield to Maturity & Current Yield: Problem 1, on page 229, and Problems 14 and 18 on page 23

Using a Word document, complete the requirements of the Mini-case “Financing S & S Air’s Expansion Plans with a Bond Issue” on page 233 in the textbook in the form of a memo, as explained in the case.

*There are 2 more attachments I need to upload, there was a limit and I reached it. Once I accept your bid, I will add the last 2 attachments.

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