Bigotry and racism English homework help

Reply two paragraphs with own opinions. Write two paragraphs about these two.

1. Bigotry continues to exist in our society, whether people like to admit it or not, anyone is capable of acting discriminatory towards another. However, in the case of African Americans, I understand that there are a lot of stereotypes pertaining to such a community. For example, many people tend to assume that African Americans reside in areas of low income. This long-held assumption is only partially correct, bearing in mind, there are plenty of successful African American individuals in the United States. Nonetheless, there is no denying that some people believe they are financially and racially superior in contrast to others. Yes, bigotry is contagious, but there are solutions to such an issue. The struggle for racial equality is not over.


Racism is a topic that is talked about across the world. Debates have been ongoing in regards to how racism can be eradicated. A number of moves have been implemented, including punishing the racists. Nevertheless, people have hardly been comfortable talking about race. The unwillingness to speak about race, puts us “in trouble.” The fact that people are not willing to talk about race, worsens the situation of the impacts of racism. As outlined by Ruth Frankenberg in her book The Social Construction of Whiteness: White Women, Race Matters, race affects our lives, whether we are aware or not. It Is a fact that by virtual we belong to certain races, which in a way influences the quality of life we live, the friends we make, the jobs we have, just to mention but a few. It is through talking about race that will make us recognize our racial differences, and learn to live positively and accept the race we belong in. as psychological schools of thought explain, acceptance is the key determinant of the quality of life a person lives, since it increases the self-esteem.

Difference has socially been structured around the commonalities of believes, virtues, collective agreement, imposition among others. The people who perceived themselves has having things in common, e.g. race, isolated themselves from the others. A personal example of where I have witnessed a social construction is in school, whenever I found myself in a discussion group two or more other students off different race other than mine. It meant me feel misplaced and lacked the sense of belonging in the group.

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