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Module 4 – SLP

Distribution & Marketing Plan

Session Long Project

Here is the brief overview of this cumulative Session Long Project (SLP).  In this research project, you would work as a marketing consultant to develop a feasible marketing plan for your client. You would conduct both secondary research in SLP1 and SLP2, and primary research in SLP3 to glean the necessary information for your marketing plan in SLP4 and SLP5. When conducting primary research in SLP3, collect only qualitative data (i.e., personal in-depth interviews with at least three target customers) for this study.

It is important to conduct quality market research on your focal product/company in order to develop realistic and workable marketing plans. Generally speaking, there are two types of research. One is secondary research, which refers to data collection using existing sources, and the other is primary research, which is your own data collection for the specific study at hand. The purpose of market research is to collect usable information to make more informed decisions on the business problem, thus increasing the chance of business success in the marketplace.

Please check the outline of the marketing plan, which provides information on:

  1. The final format for this cumulative session long project;
  2. A list of topics for the whole project;
  3. The continuity and connections among SLPs 1-5.

In this module SLP4, conduct the issue analysis based on the secondary and primary research results in SLPs 1-3. Then develop goals and objectives, as well as the specific marketing strategies to accomplish your charge. This is the fourth step of this cumulative research project and you are developing marketing plans for your charge. Be sure to revise the sections in SLPs 1-3 and include them in this paper following the marketing plan outline provided above.

Issues Analysis

The SWOT Analysis and the outcome of the Primary Research efforts are the basis for the Issues Analysis. Here the primary focus should be on the charge for your research project. What are the most important issues and decisions that the organization is likely to face when trying to “sell the new brand iPad4?” Further, if the previous research steps (situation analysis, SWOT analysis, and primary research efforts) have shown that previous marketing efforts were unsuccessful (and why), you should include the lessons to be learned as issues.

In general, issues can include, but are not limited to (the issues depend on the charge of the respective marketing plan and are likely to differ from plan to plan):

  • Should the company focus on the charge in question?
  • What rate of growth is necessary and sustainable?
  • Does the company need to increase promotion to thwart the competition or to successfully reach its target market?
  • Does the company need to develop new promotional efforts to reach the identified target market?
  • What would be the most promising way of communicating with the target market?
  • Does the company need to increase the target market’s knowledge base?
  • Does the company need to address/change the target market’s belief systems?
  • Does the company need to develop persuasive messages tailored to the specific brand at hand?
  • Does the organization need to work on its reputation?
  • Is the company’s current distribution in order?
  • Should the company review its pricing strategy?
  • Does the company anticipate any major competitive attacks in its current markets?

Note: Be realistic when proposing issues. For example, suggesting that the company should invest funds in stocks or real estate is not appropriate for the marketing plan. First, it has nothing to do with the charge at hand; second you are unlikely to have enough information to address this issue in the following sections (i.e., goals, objectives, and implementation).

Goals and Objectives

Both goals and objectives need to be driven by the Issues Analysis.

Establish corporate goals: qualitative statements of desired general accomplishments that are indicative of the direction and priorities of the company or the outcome that the company hopes to accomplish (e.g., to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, increase consumer knowledge, change consumer beliefs, persuade the target audience to buy the new brand, have the most-recognized and effective advertising campaign in the industry, improve service quality, have lower prices than all competitors, increase market share, produce the most loyal customers in the industry).

Set specific measurable corporate quantitative objectives: targeted dollar amount of sales; number of iPad 4 sold; targeted market share; etc. That is, you need to express the goals you have outlined above in quantitative (numerical) terms, and you also need to place them within a time frame. In other words, the objectives are driven by the goals you outlined above. Please avoid listing objectives that have nothing to do with the identified goals.

Note: If you are dealing with a new product (i.e., your charge), please do not express objectives for the first year in percentage terms. In other words, stating that you would like to increase awareness by 5% for a new product does not make sense, because a new product will start out with a market share (or awareness) of zero and 5% of zero is still zero. In such a case, please phrase your objectives differently (e.g., the objective is to increase the brand awareness among 10% of the target market within the next 6 months).

You should have at least one goal. Please make sure that those goals (and your objectives) focus on your charge and also reflect your issues analysis. You should have at least two objectives for each goal.

The format for this section should look as follows:

Goal 1

            Objective 1

            Objective 2 (if applicable)



Goal 2

            Objective 1

            Objective 2 (if applicable)


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