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In this assignment, you will have the opportunity to use SPSS to calculate descriptive statistics on a mock dataset. Regardless of your ARP study design, you will run at least some descriptive statistics on your ARP data.

Files provided for you to complete this assignment:

  1. Preventive Care & HbA1c Descriptive Statistics Worksheet (Preventive_Care_HbA1c_Worksheet_A2.docx)
  2. Instructions for SPSS Part II–Descriptive Statistics (SPSS_Part_II_Instructions.pdf)

STEP 1: Open the dataset you coded and cleaned in M4 SPSS Part I – Purchase, Installation, and Dataset Preparation.

STEP 2: Make any corrections based on facilitator feedback.

STEP 3: Run Frequencies (Analyze > Descriptive Statistics > Frequencies) for the following nominal variables: Sex, Educ, Race_a through Race_f, TypeII

STEP 4: Conduct normality testing via the Shapiro- Wilk for the following continuous variables: Age, PCTotal, HbA1c, Height, Weight, SBP, DBP. Tip: Be certain to view the screencast in Learning Activity 3 for a demonstration on how to run and interpret this test.

STEP 5: Run Descriptives (mean, median, standard deviation, minimum, maximum) for the following continuous variables: Age, PCTotal, HbA1c, Height, Weight, SBP, and DBP. Depending upon the results of the normality testing, report the appropriate measures of central tendency and dispersion.

STEP 6: Run Crosstabs using Acc_Prev as the row and TypeII as the column.

STEP 7: Submit the completed worksheet (Preventive_Care_HbA1c_Worksheet_A2.docx) AND the output file with your first initial, last name, and A2 as the title (e.g., CBonferroni_A2.spv), demonstrating completion of Steps 1-6. As with your dataset, SPSS will automatically add the extension “.spv” to your output file.

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