As time move froward mechanisms are more so needed now then ever before science homework help

As time move froward mechanisms are more so needed now then ever before. Not only for representation but for protection from the people as well. Our government was set up that no one person or group has all the power, each interest group should be represented within our government. When one group becomes sexist, racist, and hatred against another group these “mechanisms” are there to protect them from the big corporations, parties, government, etc. “The law itself can effectively exclude or restrict the participation of particular groups in the ongoing activities and processes of society-just as immigration and naturalization laws have historically prevented many Asians from entry, or from attaining citizenship”(Jones;Perry & Nielsen 2009). If people was properly or satisfactorily being represent this problem would not have occurred along with other problems in our history. 

         How do we handle other problems dealing with racial issues facing our country today? Our country is rich on history and it wasn’t just founded yesterday. My high middle school history teacher would  alway say, “if you do not know your country history, your doomed to repeat it”. Go back and look at how our founding father dealt with racism, did it turn out bad or good for them….? The same can be said about the nations economy…..?The point is there is we are not going through nothing new our country have not seen before, we seen racism, terrorism, etc the United State Constitution cover all of this. 

      Jones L., Perry B., & Nielsen O,.M. Investigating Difference Human and Cultural Relations in Criminal Justice Second Edition. Upper Saddle River. Pearson Education, Inc. 

Respond to the bold paragraph ABOVE by using one of the option below… in APA format with At least two reference…..

·  Offer and support the opinion from having read your colleagues’ postings.

·  Expand on your colleagues’ postings.

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