Aristotelian Epicurean Stoic Confucian sociology homework help

Find examples from literature or media sources or from current or past history that illustrate both success and failure at exercising virtue. 

  • In each case, what is the virtue that was demonstrated or was lacking?
  • How did their actions display or fail to display that virtue, and in the case of the failure, what would the virtuous person have done instead?

Name, define, describe, and explain the particular virtue (charity, fidelity, humility, li, etc.) that you think is present or missing. Be sure to explain which virtue theory it comes from– Aristotelian, Epicurean, Stoic, Confucian, or some other virtue theory of ethics. Please be as specific and detailed as possible. 

Be sure to share the links with your classmates so they can read the full articles or watch the videos. Don’t use examples that others have used before you. First come, first served.

300 words or more. 

Please use the links to complete the assignment and use in-text citations

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