Answer 3 questions




In the range of about 1000-1250 words (for the entire paper). it will be responses to essay questions, and will require you to present an analysis of characters from (“the nurture of love” of The Complete Pelican Shakespeare) 

 not require secondary sources, but will require you to read the plays closely, and cite evidence from the plays (using MLA citation) to back up your arguments. 


The Nature of Love, quiz: 

If your edition of Skakespeare is not line numbered, I would recommend a visit to the library (or an internet edition) in order to facilitate locating the scenes required for these answers.

1.Sonnets 1-16 address a young man, and they repeatedly address the same two themes;

a)The beauty of the young man; and b) the young man’s failure (at least so far) to have any children of his own. Sonnets 17-19 continue to focus on the beauty of the young man, but shift awat from a focus on his failure to have children and towards a focus on the poet’s own verses. Use supporting quotes and details from the text.


2.In a short essay, (3-4 paragraphs), compare and contrast two “loves”: a) that of launce of his dog, Crab; and b) that of Julia for Proteus in Two Gentlemen of Verona. Use supporting quotes and details from the text. (All citations should take the form of Act. Scene. Line #–for example, 1.2.25-37)



3.In a short essay, (3-4 paragraphs), explain what you see as the similarities and differences between the relationship between Orlando and Rosalind, and the relationship between Silvius and Phebe in As You Like It. Use supporting quotes and details from the text. (All citations should take for of Act. Scene. Line #– for example, 1.2.25-37)


thanks and goodluck

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