analyze similarities and differences between aspects of the Chinese Confucian and Daoist traditions social science help

Write a comparative paper in which you analyze similarities and differences between aspects of the Chinese Confucian and Daoist traditions using the course methodology. Choose from the following types of cultural phenomena: 


An example would be the cultivation of the Confucian ren (humanity) found in the Analects or the Mencius VERSUS the Daoist wuwei (actionless action) found in the Daodejing or the Zhuangzi


An example would be principles of Xunzi’s Art of War VERSUS the principles of the martial art of Taijiquan (T’ai Chi Ch’uan) 


An example would be the Confucian art of divination of the Yijing (Book of Change) VERSUS Daoist shamanic divination.

Make use of Confucian and Daoist primary source materials to set up your comparison. These can include classic texts or (in the case of ritual performances) video accounts. It is crucial that you integrate course vocabulary from religionists and reductionists to work your analysis through the academic study of religions methodology.


  • Give your paper a creative title that reflects the content of the paper, and use topic sentences.
  • Refine your presentation to eliminate errors of grammar, spelling, word usage, and logic.
  • Ground your analysis in Confucian and Daoist primary sources, properly cited.
  • Base your comparative analysis in the methodology of the academic study of religions, making use of TEN methods vocabulary terms.
  • Do original thinking in presenting a detailed analysis of philosophical, strategic defense, or ritual data.
  • Post an accurate word count, keeping your paper around 750 words (2-3 pages)
  • MLA references….absolutely no PLAGIARISM or CHEATTING

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