Below discussion questions. Need 1 paragraph each ( at-least 3 master level sentences). For some questions 2 different responses are required. No plagiarism. Include references/in text citations wherever required.

1. Read the interactive session: Management: American Water Keeps Data Flowing. What roles did the end users and information systems specialists play in the systems transformation project? (see attachment) (2 different responses needed)

2. Hello Class, this week we will look at database designs. This has changed over the years.  Originally the end-user did not have a lot of involvement in the design of the database.  Recently the end-user has become much more involved.  You can see more and more employees working on projects as a lead for Accounting to work with IT to ensure the Accounting tables are being accessed.

This is what drive organizations to choose  a project lead to increase efficiencies.  Today you are asked to write or work with IT to write ad hoc queries to attain multiple views on a data set.  The need for real time information for management has increased the agile development environments a lot.  This is shown well in our book with the Data Base Management System (DBMS) on printed page 213. 

3. What are the principal tools and technologies for accessing information from databases? How do these tools and technologies provide information to improve business performance and decision making? (2 different responses needed)

4. Hello Class,

As stated in our TCO, we are in a demanding and changing role of corporate databases, evaluate various tools, technology, and trends that can make databases more accessible and useful. On page 227 our book states, “Text mining tools help businesses analyze data. These tools are able to extract key elements from large unstructured data sets, discover patterns and relationships, and summarize the information.

Web mining tools such as Google Trends and Google Insights for search services.  This tracks the popularity of phrases used within Google to determine what people are interested in.

I look forward to discussing this topic this week.

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