American Society Short Essays sociology homework help

For sociology class called American Society: two 3-5 page essays (attached prompt). 

Here are the required readings: 

Florida, Richard. 2014. The Rise of the Creative Class – ch 1 (pg. 1-14), ch. 2 (pg.15-124), 

Putnam, Robert. 2015. Our Kids: The American Dream in Crisis – ch 1 (pg. 1-45), ch 2,3 (pg.46-134)

Steven Greenhouse, “The Rise and Fall of the Social Contract”; “Here Today, Gone Tomorrow”; “Walmart: The Low Wage Colossus”

Paul Krugman, “For Richer”

The criteria by which essays will be graded include demonstration of mastery of the required readings and classroom discussion; factual accuracy; depth and breadth of explanations; clarity; creativity; critical appraisal of ideas; and orginality. Clear writing and grammar are very important.

-essay should refer to assigned readings and demonstrate depth of understanding

-should accurately depict the claims mdae in readings

-breadth: each question asks that a diversity of readings be considered. not all are equally important, but strong essays will include as much relevant material from different materials as possible

-clarity: the essay should be well-organized, and we will grade you on what you say, not on what you meant to say or were trying to say.

-creativity: in the sense of “combinatory play”, or the ability to piece things together to create a synthetic whole

-orginality: this is not a standardized test. But I am not interested (in this context) in your individual opinions, but rather in your own understanding of other people’s ideas and in how those ideas relate to one another

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