Agree or Disagree Motivation writing homework help

   The way I hope to stay motivated in college is to always stay positive and address an assignment with an open mind and not moving on until it is completed. But the majority of my motivating isn’t in a strategy, it lies in my son. My motivation comes from my son wanting to better a life for us is what keeps me moving. I never liked school and I really don’t like college but I continue to strive on so we can have a better future. This class exceeded the expectations I had. I have no suggestions for improvement for this course. Some things I learned which I didn’t know before this class was based on the books definition of what my intelligence was or what my learning styles were or my personality type. If asked without knowing I would of answered different with those and those are what interested me the most during this course. I actually enjoyed the class very much and I learned a little more about myself and how I learn and some things that could help me in future courses. 

Agree or Disagree with 2-3 sentences 

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