Mr. Chumley has a standard on mobile insurance policy, which covers monetary losses from personal injuries, medical payments, and collision damage, among other things. Mr. Chumley was severely injured in the collision with the train. He was rushed to the hospital shortly after the collision, where he began incurring huge medical bills as shown in Appendix E., his car was also completely destroyed. His wife was killed, and there are funeral costs to pay. He cannot return to his job, so his income has been affected.

  • Which of these losses is covered by his insurance?
  • If the insurance company pays these claims, what effect does this have on his lawsuit against the railroad company?
  • If his insurance company sent him a letter after hearing about the accident that falsely claims he forgot to pay his premiums, which cause of action may Mr. Chumley have against his insurance company?

Assignment should be 1-2 pages in length.

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