According to Sally McMillen what brought the women s movement back together after the civil war assignment help

This is a graded discussion: 60 points possible

Reading Response/Reaction 4: McMillen Chapter 6-epilogue

Make sure that you follow all instructions for the Reading Response/Reaction.

Please answer the following questions:

According to Sally McMillen, what brought the women’s movement back together after the Civil War?  Why do you think a new generation had to finish the work?

Each book discussion post will be 250 words, using correct grammar and spelling. You will then respond to a question raised by reading response of another student.

Required Texts:

Section 1. Sally G. McMillen, Seneca Falls and the Origins of the Women’s Rights Movement 
(NY:  Oxford University Press, 2008), ISBN:  978-0-19-539333-0

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