Absolute definitive phrasing 25 word essay editing

Please Edit. Here are some points to consider as you revise.

Absolute / definitive phrasing
Aggressive phrasing

“Issues such as puberty, sexuality, divorce, struggles with friends as well as bullying are seen as objectionable and controversial issues. This is utter nonsense as the same issues are the ones being faced by our children in schools and colleges. They ought to know, understand and be taught on how to deal with them.”

I suspect if you scan the news headlines, you’ll see some issues you’ve listed are quite objectionable in today’s highly divisive society. Some people find divorce acceptable, others do not. Concerns about acceptance of gender and sexuality differences abound from both sides. 

I would also caution you about insulting those who take up a different opinion from you – even if it seems painfully logical to you. If the point is to convince others of your side’s validity, verbal attacks will typically work against your efforts in presenting a logical and balanced viewpoint. 

Note: I set it for 14 hours but i need it by ten pm i only invited you to do it

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