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Title :a reflective diary

My Course is  master in diplomacy .

please review all the attached documents before you bid!!!!

Students should submit a reflective diary of 2,400 words. This diary should address between six  events experienced during a fieldtrip which means each event should be 350 words . divided into paragraphs, conclusion 300 words.

The format of this diary submission should be similar to the learning journal. Each of these individual events/days should be written up:

 (a) assessing what was learnt;  i will attach you the information i have learnt , you have to paraphrase and not use the exact same words please ! make it efficient and more academic  

(b) identifying this learning’s relevance to the student’s course? give good answer based on relevance to my course i mentioned above.

; (c) reflecting upon links to the academic literature;  ( citing academics discussed or mentioned this matter)

and (d) considering the immediate and longer term benefit of this learning.?

More advice on how students could go about writing a reflective diary, and how best to structure this assessment follows in this handbook – in the What is a learning journal? What is a reflective diary?  find it attached for yourself.

* Harvard style of referencing .

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