a framework for ethical decision making English homework help

Ethics Essay #1

Required readings/videos:

“A Framework for Ethical Decision Making”

Barry. “In Fuel Oil Country, Cold That Cuts to the Heart.”

Hanson. “Am I Responsible?” (video)

Purdue OWL: Academic Writing

Purdue OWL: APA Formatting and Style Guide


In the article, “In Fuel Oil Country, Cold That Cuts to the Heart” Dan Barry of The New York Times reports on small-business owner, Ike Libby, and the ethical dilemma he faces of delivering heating oil to a customer, Robert Hartford, who cannot afford to pay him (and who already has an outstanding balance of $700), but is otherwise unable to heat the home he shares with his disabled wife during a harsh winter in Maine. Complicating matters is the fact that Libby’s business is not doing well financially, and he struggles to pay his employees as well as keep the company afloat.

In his video, “Am I Responsible?” Kirk Hanson describes five criteria used to determine a person’s level of responsibility in taking action when faced with an ethical dilemma. This same criteria can be used to determine whether or not Libby is responsible for providing free oil to the Hartfords. 


Reflecting on Ike Libby’s situation, as well as the five “tests” for determining ethical responsibility as discussed in Kirk Hanson’s video, construct a persuasive essay that responds to the following question:

Is Ike Libby ethically responsible for helping the Hartfords?

You must situate your response within the criteria that Hanson provides for determining one’s level of responsibility in ethics.  When considering your response to the question above, you should also follow the steps outlined in the framework for ethical decision making:

1.) Recognize an Ethical Issue

2.) Get the Facts

3.) Evaluate Alternative Actions

4.) Make a Decision and Test It

5.) Act and Reflect on the Outcome


at least 700 word ESSAY (introduction, body paragraphs, conclusion, etc.) 

Third person perspective. Do not use first person (I, me, my) or second person (you, yours).

References to the required readings and videos (can come in the form of direct quotes, paraphrases, summaries,etc.)

APA format for all material that is quoted directly or paraphrased.

12 pt. font, double-spaced, 1″ margins.

No cover page or references page is necessary. You do not need to put your name, the name of the class or date on the first page. Put only your ID# in the upper-right corner of the first page.

reading link:

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