a first draft of the Final Sociology of Sports paper, incorporating each or the previous weeks’ assignments and adding sections on analysis and personal experience.

The Individual Projects forthis course will build on each other—that is, each week leading to the final submission in Week 5, you will do 1 piece of the project that builds the complete assignment. The topic of your assignment is the sociology of sport. This is a large field within the discipline and one that most people experience in one way or another in their culture.

Week Four Individual Project


This week, you will submit a first draft of the Final Sociology of Sports paper, incorporating each or the previous weeks’ assignments and adding sections on analysis and personal experience.


Please compile your Sociology of Sport paper. Make sure your paper, which should be approximately 1,500 words, includes each of the following:


  1. Introduction: What is the field of sociology of sport?
  2. What sport did you select and why? Describe it as you did in Week 2.
  3. Description of your field observation: Explain why you selected this event, and submit your finalized observation report.
  4. Analysis: What did you learn from your experience in field work? What conclusions can you draw about the sport from the sociological point of view?
  5. What did you learn from conducting field observation research? What do you think of this as a methodology?
  6. Reflect on sports and the field of sociology of sport. Why do people participate in such large numbers and with such fervor? What role does this play in society?
  7. must be APA format and include the reerences.   

below is the last assignment you did to incorporate.

Sociology of sports

            Conflict perspective is a crucial perception that can be employed to view sociology of sport.  A sport is an activity that ensures parties participating in them enjoy and maintain fitness. Sports play a leading role in making certain that participants gain a well-structured physique, gain reassurance, bring together different parties to social and in addition, can generate fame when, played at a professional level.  A sport like basketball plays a dominant role in social necessities. Human beings are societal creatures hence need a sense of identification, individuality and belonging.  Sports play an immense role in making certain that people identify themselves as individuals and are able to have a feeling of belonging.  For example, I can proudly say I am a basketball enthusiast. This simply means that Identify myself with basketball. Moreover, sports can be a source of friendship. People can simply make friends through sports for example, when supporting a specific team. 

            The sociological perspective has features that clarify sport activities. This is evident in a society where sport ensures there is competitiveness through criteria and guidelines in the sport. This is especially evident when the parties in the sport understand that each member is participating in the sport to make certain that one become victorious. For an instance in the game of basketball, Michael Jordan is considered to be among the greats of the game. Any lover or player of basketball would wish to be successful in basketball just like Michael Jordan. This is simply due to success, the fame, the grandeur and the recognition associated with the sport. It is only through competition of different basketball players that one emerges to be esteemed like Michal Jordan. This makes apparent how sport creates the spirit of competition within a society.

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