7L for Shahimermaid

The story is told about a major donor to a well-known organization (a representative of a foundation that distributed millions of dollars), having an executive director trying to talk him into a larger gift than usual because of a special need they had.  He looked the director right in the face and said, “You know, there’s no end to good causes in this world.  I will give you, what I decide to give you.”;  That shut the director up quick.
In one sense, he was right…there’s always lot’s of important needs out there and never enough money to go around.  This forces nonprofits to compete with each other for dollars.
One principal of marketing is to know who you’re trying to market to.  If you worked for VISIONS/Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired and you were about to do a huge marketing campaign targeted towards 20th-25th Street between Lexington Avenue and 7th Avenue (fundraising letters, bus shelter ads, local radio, selecting honorees for a fundraising dinner, holding a community meeting at a local doctor’s office, contacting local businesses, etc) ….what demographic information would you like to know about the people who live and work in the area?  How would you use the information you collect?  What demographic information would you want to know about the clients you serve?  How would you use that information in marketing?  Before this course, did you believe that nonprofits actually competed against each other (although they often still cooperate on certain things)?
reply to them please
Cedain Smith

 People who work in the area are typically easy to accumilate information on, but for people who resisde within the area it’s a bit difficult in some aspect. The main information in this case is to know a person likes and dislike. In any business a owner always look for exposure to his, or her company. Helping a non-for profit organization that helps the blind will only shine a positive light on that company. However getting the residents who live within the community to praticipate will take a lot of work, and energy. The goal is to make people want to care about the visually impaired, and sympathy is the best strategy to get residence to participate.


  The idea is to make people want to be apart of something great. A company that wants free advertisement will surely come aboard, because anything that say charity will only make people want to  know more about you and your company. My approach would be safety. Manhattan is a very busy place, and blind people do need assisitance when they are in the area.

   I would keep my message very precise and straight to the point. One is safety, and the other is positive publicity. I would never thought that Non-for profit organizations would compete against each other. What i do know is that the directors work very hard to make sure the accumilate their target for donations for the year. I would more imaging these organizations would be working togather in order for each to accomplish their goal


Gloria Reyes


Segmentation by demographics such as income, gender or age is fundamental to market and organization. Targeting a market segment determinate by the right combination of demographic considerations can result an attractive marketing strategy.

With the information obtained, I would be able to target people with high income in the city (Lexington Ave.) therefore, more flexible and able to make donations and enjoy the organization. In contrast, if the location is a sector with low income I would market differently having in mind that they probably refused to support the organization. That is why is very important to know who we targeting.

In a sector like Lexington Ave. I would market my organization thru magazines and direct-mail ads.

Before this course I didn’t know that exist competition in nonprofit sectors. I had in mind that they work independently for they own cause.

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