1. Imagine you represent a person who claims to have been the victim of a breach of contract. Determine the information that you would need to know to best determine if there was a contract. How would you present a case to a court to show your client was the victim of a breach of contract, and how would you overcome the defenses to the alleged breach? Be sure to use legal terms and concepts from the reading to support your analysis

2. In Week 5, you studied violent crimes. The scenario depicted a violent crime that had taken place. That crime was a robbery. Based on your information learned from the lesson, answer the following questions:

  • Use the material from the lesson to justify why this incident has been classified as a robbery. Explain whether or not another crime took place during this robbery. Justify your explanation.
  • Refer back to the types of robbers, and determine what type of robber committed this offense. Justify your answer. Use the information you have learned, and identify at least three factors that played a role in this offense, based on the crime type

3. Victim Precipitation” Please respond to the following:

  • By looking at the role of victims in crime, victim precipitation looks beyond the criminal to determine how the victim contributed to the occurrence of the crime. From the first  e-Activity, provide an explanation of how victims contribute to the occurrence of crime.
  • From the second e-Activity, analyze the routine activities and lifestyle theories in order to explain victim precipitation.

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