1. Choose 10 concepts related to the study of social change that have been covered in the lecture videos and/or lecture notes.
  2. Precisely define each concept as defined during the lecture videos and/or lecture notes.
  3. Apply each concept to a (potentially) real world situation.  This situation can be ‘made-up’ but must approximate real-world life.

Concepts chosen: Validation, solidarity, social control, social order, paradox, power corrupts, ideology, social structures, social institutions, and norms

For example:

Counter-Intuitive – when evidence reveals a social process that works differently than one would naturally expect (Kane, Counter-Intuitive Lecture Video). 

It makes intuitive sense that the more police a community has, the less crime there would be in that community.  Sociological studies and evidence have in fact shown that more police means a higher crime rate (because no police force could capture 100% of crime, more cops will capture a higher percentage of crime).  This finding is highly counter-intuitive.


1) Do your own work; do not work with another individual or group of individuals.

2) The concepts you choose to define must be sociological, complex, and should have been covered in the lecture videos and/or lecture notes.

3) Don’t choose obvious concepts to define, you will do poorly.  If you could define and apply the concept before the semester started, don’t bother.  Choose a more complex concept that you hadn’t heard or considered before, define and apply that.

4) You can use my exact words for definitions, but if you do so, quote and cite me and indicate to me the lecture where you found your sociological concepts; like so – (Kane, Counter-Intuitive Lecture).  Always cite any sources that inform your work.


GUIDELINES – Assignments are to be typed, double-spaced, 12 point times new roman font, one inch margins all around, and submitted through Blackboard.  Do not use an Apple-only format like ‘Pages’ for any of your assignments, if you do, I will not be able to open or grade it.

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