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*You need to answer the questions in complete sentences. You should write 5-8 sentences for each question, with an exception of a question about thesis statement.

*If you find out that something is too difficult for you and you are unable to answer a question, you need to make your best guess in order to complete the assignment. 

Assigned Essays and Questions:

a)  “Two Ways of Seeing a River” by Mark Twain (page 493)

– Questions for Study and Discussion: Question 5 on page 495

b)  “Two Ways to Belong in America” by Bharti Mukherjee (page 504)

– Questions for Study and Discussion: Questions 2,3, and 5 on page 508

c) “My Favorite Teacher” by Thomas L. Friedman (page 102)

– Questions for Study and Discussion: Questions 2, 5, and 6 on page 105

d) “In Praise of the F Word” by Mary Sherry (page 558)

– Questions for Study and Discussion: Questions 1, 2, and 3 on page 561

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