1 identify some major institutional investors own portfolios major corporations what are the

1. Identify some of the major Institutional Investors that own portfolios in major corporations. What are their expectations? Are there any patterns to the ways in which these institutions invest? Explain and discuss.

2. Has any institution in which you are a Stakeholder invested in one or more major business corporations? If so, which one(s)? Were you aware of this before you took this course? Are you pleased with the result? Why, or why not?

3. How do different countries try to regulate Institutional Investors? Do they succeed, or do they fail? If the latter, in what specific way(s), and with what amount of harm to the clients whose money has been lost? Discuss.

4. Identify some Legal Issues related to Institutional Investors. Do you agree with theAmicus Curiae briefs filed with the courts? Why, or why not? Perhaps you would care to post another judicial decision, American or from another country of your choice, together with your own analysis of it.

5. What type of individual benefits most from institutional investment, in your opinion, and why? What type of individual loses more than others with an institutional investment, and why? Explain and then discuss.

6. If you were the CEO of a publicly traded corporation, what do you think your feelings would be about institutional investors? Would you like some but dislike others and, if so, why? Explain and then discuss.

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